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GreenRepublic is Africa’s leading and most progressive integrated recycling and renewable energy social enterprise. We’re on a mission to bring real impactful change to BILLIONS of people and the environment!


Green Republic, true to our name, is building a conglomerate that gives a hoot about people and the planet, and translating it into business success, advancing sustainability, creating a positive impact and improving lives. We are on our way to becoming the one stop for everything Green from systems to products in Africa.

Green Republic is a leader in developing groundbreaking, simple to use recycling, solar energy and biogas systems and products.

We’re enabling people and organisations in Africa to turn their everyday waste to cash, turn their own organic waste into self-made clean energy, on-site, and harness solar energy

Green Republic is serving thousands of households, farmers, businesses, schools, churches, underserved communities, and those seeking a more sustainable way of living with thousands of harvested recyclable materials, solar energy systems and biogas systems.


Our Point-Based recycling system, rewards post consumers with Green Points in exchange for their everyday waste like Used Beverage Cans (UBC), Brown Corrugated Cartons (BCC), PET Plastic Bottles (PET), Pure Water Sachets (PWS), Old Newspapers (ONP) and Glass bottles (GBS). The Green Points can then be used to redeem cash, household items, electronics and vocational training.READ MORE


Our fabricated and prefabricated, fully off-grid systems offer biogas production modular options to suit each of our customer‘s needs, empowering them to live a healthier, more efficient, self-resilient and sustainable life. We also build BIODIGESTER SEPTIC TANKS, a new and more efficient technology that replaces the normal Soak Away Septic Tank. Our vision is to promote sustainability, improve lives, and create a positive impact on the environment by harnessing our expertise in waste treatment and biogas systems.READ MORE



Our tailored solar energy solutions is demystifying and making solar energy more affordable. We are into full Renewable systems which includes Procurement and installations of Conventional and Solar Streetlights, Solar Home and Commercial systems.READ MORE


How it Works


How It Works


How it Works

Every day 93,000 Tons of waste are generated

0 Tons Recycled
0 Wastepickers, Waste-preneurs & Renewable Energy Specialists Trained
0 Volunteers
0 Communities Covered

Save Naija!

Green Mission

  • Environmental Sustainability

    We were formed with the mandate to divert 40,000 tons of waste from landfills, landscapes and waterways, and to install 3,000,000 Biogas and Solar Energy systems in our first 15 years of engagement

  • Sustainable Lifestyle

    We are offering post consumers benefit from their everyday waste, and offering our customers affordable and renewable energy solutions.

  • Employment Creation

    We are targeting unemployment & underemployment by formalising the role of wastepickers, training waste-preneurs, renewable energy specialists, and also offering vocational classes in exchange for waste.

  • Making Recycling & Renewable Energy Cool

    We are demystifying Green living making it attractive to the young demographics.

Green Mission

To be Africa’s leading provider of integrated recycling, waste management and renewable energy services to the maximum benefit of the community, local, national and continental economy, and the environment.

Green Vision

Green Republic’s Vision recognizes that Recycling (waste management), food security and renewable energy are industries that are central to sustainable development and secure societies. We will innovatively seek to meet these challenges in ways that make good business sense whilst reducing impacts on the environment and increasing national and regional self-sufficiency in these vital areas.

The careful evaluation of new technologies and services will be required to move towards GREENer and more sustainable national and regional economies. We will advance in the development of industries that are synergistic and integrated to help develop a new industrial ecology for the 21st century in both the Nigerian and African economies.

Green Republic will seek to create new development, systems and business partnership, and incentivised models that acknowledge the inter-relationship of communities, industry, local authorities and Government agencies in establishing more sustainable long term societies whilst running its operations to the highest standards of environmental and best business practice.


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