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GreenRepublic gives consumers the opportunity to earn tangible benefits from their everyday waste, while providing efficient supply of raw materials to the local manufacturing industry.

We collect recyclable materials such as plastic bags,  PET Plastic Bottles, old news papers, aluminium beverage cans etc., from consumers, using low-cost bicycles called “Gocycles” for routine neighbourhood pick ups. GreenRepublic rewards Consumers with Green Points, depending on the volume and quality of the recyclable materials received. The Green Points when accumulated can be used to redeem various household items, electronics, vocational classes and cash. We then sort, aggregate the materials and supply them to manufacturing plants.


You Will Love it Here!


Positions & Requirements


Sorters: No qualification required

Gocycle Riders/Tricycle Riders / Drivers: SSCE

Machine Operators/ Hub Supervisor: SSCE, OND preferred

Green Guards/ Marketers: HND, BSc

Green Hub Manager: HND

HR Manager: BSC in related fields

Accountant: BSc in related fields

Software Developer: BSc in Related Fields


Job Codes:


Sorters: 101

Tricycle Riders: 102

Gocycle Riders: 103

Drivers: 104

Machine Operators: 105

Hub Supervisors: 106

Hub Manager: 107

HR Manager: 108

Accountant: 109

Software Developer: 110


Please Email CVs to or Call +234 905 882 9702 for more information