How it Works

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Introducing GreenBiogas

A system that comes in a range of sizes to meet your waste management, energy generation and organic fertilizer needs.

Our Cutting-Edge Technology

Brilliantly engineered for simplicity and efficiency.

  • 01. Biodigestion

    This is the process by which hungry bacteria break down organic waste, like food scraps and animal manure, producing biogas. Empty your organic waste into the digester and the bacteria will take care of the rest!

  • 02. Gas Storage

    Bacteria in the digester turns the organic waste into biogas that is collected, filtered and stored in the safe and gas storage bag.

  • 03. Connect Right to the Stove

    Biogas will be delivered right to the specially designed biogas stovetop. We supply you with the stove, the piping and simple instructions to guide you through. We also supply you with the Biogas carburetor that enables you to power your Generator set with Biogas.

  • 04. Ready-To-Use Bio-Fertilizer

    Bacteria in the digester don’t only make biogas, they also produce organic, liquid bio-fertilizer. The bio-fertilizer flows freely so you can easily collect and use it on your crops.

Your Awesome Results

They always say the “best things in life are free”.

Fertilizer for
Your Garden

Free bio-fertilizer flows from the system every day. All the nutrients that were in your waste get put back into your soil in an easy-to-absorb way.


Can you believe it? You are now cooking on gas made from your leftovers! Generate up to 2 hours of free cooking gas every day..

Make the Biogas Transition

Thousands of people already use GreenBiogas. In just 4 steps, you can use it too.

Select a Perfect Location

In a sunny area in your backyard.

System Assembly

Our technicians will fabricate a system that suits your daily gas needs.

One- Time Activation

Add 100 liters of fresh manure to get bacteria into the digester.

Make Cooking Gas, Generator Gas & Fertilizer

At least 2 hours of cooking gas and a daily supply of bio-fertilizer.

Start Living Sustainably

Unlike with other products, using GreenBiogas actually helps the environment.

Reduce Your
Carbon Footprint

Cooking on biogas means you are using renewable energy and reducing the demand for fossil fuels. Actually, you are saving 6 tons of CO2 a year!

Divert Organics
from the Landfill

Food rotting in landfills contributes to global warming. Now you can be part of the solution by managing your waste locally in your own backyard!

Recycle Nutrients
Back into the Soil

GreenBiogas bacteria break down organic matter and make fertilizer that nourishes plants and recycles essential nutrients back into the soil.