Green Solar a division of Green Republic is an indigenous African leading fabricator, designer, wholesaler and installer of Conventional and LED Solar street-lighting systems, solar home and commercial systems. Our goal is to light up our streets, homes, schools including residential and commercial buildings throughout Nigeria and Africa. As a dedicated supplier of our products across Africa, we have devoted team of engineers that can be deployed to projects anywhere in Africa.

Our New Integrated LED Solar Street Light is an efficiently flexible and strong sun-oriented street light, it can withstand all climate conditions. With little sun, this road/street light will give you additional lighting effortlessly. Our All-in-One Streetlights do not require electrical connections; they are an ideal replacement for conventional electric streetlights.

This integrated Solar Street Light is easy to install and suitable for Residential, Garden, Parking lots, Playground and as security lighting and landscape lighting; Our All-in-One Solar street light is very cost effective ESPECIALLY when compared to the cabling and trenching required for conventional area lighting.

We also offer Solar Energy Solutions which include Solar in-door Systems for homes, offices, farms, schools and other residential and commercial businesses with our variety of Solar products.

Our product range comprises of high quality photovoltaic (PV) solar modules and PV system solutions. We have quality Solar Panels, Solar Inverters and Solar Batteries including Solar consumer items.

All our products are affordable packages to provide Solar system solutions in different capacity (KW range) anywhere in Africa. We do not compromise professionalism and excellence. Our Engineers are well trained to answer all your Solar Energy queries and are happy to assist in proffering Solar system solutions with the best products, and we also offer personalised after-sale services at reasonable price.

Contact us today for EVERYTHING SOLAR. Even if you don’t know how it works but you are interested in installing the system to boost your energy and reduce energy bills, get in touch and we will put you through.