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Our Services

The GreenRepublic model requires different services harmoniously and efficiently working together. Below is our list of services.


  1. Recyclable Waste Material Collection

We provide integrated recyclable waste materials collection, which are further processed into production raw materials. We collect the following recyclable waste materials:

  1. Used Beverage (Aluminium) Cans
  2. LDPE Nylon Packaging
  3. PET Plastic Bottles and Containers
  4. Glass Bottles
  5. Pure Water Sachets
  6. Brown Corrugated Cartons
  7. HDPE Packaging Containers
  8. Old Newspapers
  9. Shredded and Non-shredded Office Papers


  1. Events Waste Management

Are you and events planner? Is your business responsible for the logistical planning of events? Whether it’s weddings, music festivals, food festivals or farmers markets, you’ll need to ensure that waste is handled efficiently and professionally; and that’s where we come in. With extensive experience in complete event waste management, we are able to provide one-stop, bespoke solutions.

From litter picking services to portable toilet hire, choose us and you are guaranteed a no fuss, no hassle event waste management service – plus we are a leading provider of bins and skips. Bespoke solutions mean that we can create a plan tailored to your event, with the size, scope and nature of the event all taken into consideration.

When you’re planning events, it’s necessary to be in contact with numerous different suppliers and vendors, which can be hard to keep track of. We act as a single point of contact, so you can wave goodbye to the time-consuming task of contacting numerous different waste management services.

Nigeria nationwide coverage also means that we can provide for your event no matter where it is – ideal if it moves around the country. As the Nigeria’s only 5-star waste management services provider, why would you place the responsibility of such a vital part of your event in anyone else’s hands?


  1. Waste Management Equipment Rentals

Waste disposal can cost more if your waste is high-volume, so a great option is to compact it down to make it smaller, and reduce your weekly waste disposal cost. GreenRepublic is offering a rental service to fit all needs.

GreenRepublic’s rental service offers you a cost-effective way to use this cutting edge equipment to dispose of your waste. The best equipments for waste disposal is expensive, so not something that you could just buy if it will only be used a few times.

At GreenRepublic we realise that choosing the correct equipment is vital to our customers, allowing them to maximise all the many benefits of waste compaction equipment. Products range from vertical and bins, to static and portable compactors.

Hiring a piece of equipment like this should not be a decision you take lightly, and we will help you choose the right one for your circumstances. A detailed survey/waste audit enables GreenRepublic to recommend the right equipment for the material, volume and location it will be operated in. It also allows our experienced survey team to advise on the various waste management benefits of machine types such as balers vs. compactors and the possible benefits and savings you could achieve.


  1. Waste Audit

We provide waste audit services to corporate organisations, to calculate the type and amount of waste generated by organisations. Any size organisation can perform this type of audit. The data collected from the audit will identify the type of waste produced by the organisation and how the organisation manages this waste. The audit can also make the organisation more effective at reducing waste management costs by educating staff about proper waste disposal and making better use of natural resources. When performing a waste audit, we advice the organisation not to inform staff about the audit prior to the completion of the audit. Informing staff in advance can alter waste disposal habits resulting in an inaccurate and counterproductive audit.


  1. Recycling Education & Training

We train staffs and sanitary teams of establishments on efficient waste collection, sorting, management and recycling best practices.


  1. Local Community Engagement & Sensitisation

We have made Community Engagement and  Sensitisation and important part of what we do, to achieve our social goals. Our areas of sensitisation include, but not limited to, proper waste dumping, disposal, recycling and environmental sustainability, as well as the dangers of indiscreet waste dumping and throw-away culture.


  1. Recycling Consultation

We help make savings and add value through Recycling & Waste Processes. Commercial. Healthcare. Education. Services: Reduce costs, Improve standards, Save time and effort, visibly cleaner premises.